Phase One Wrap-up

Screenshot of a Zoom presentation. Four photos show different features of a heritage building. Five meeting participants are visible discussing the photos.
Workshops probed participants’ values with respect to heritage and accessibility using real-world examples as starting points.

After seven workshops and more than one hundred thoughtful questionnaire responses, we are happy to report that our initial Investigation phase is now complete. Dozens of people with disabilities and heritage professionals from across Canada contributed their experience-based perspectives on the accessibility challenges, and opportunities, posed by federally owned heritage buildings. Discussion focused on the value balance between universal, equitable access and the conservation of historic places using real-world examples as starting points.

With this uniquely Canadian base of data, we now begin the Research Solutions phase of the project. In this phase we will be collecting case studies from around the world representing the many approaches to making heritage buildings accessible; reviewing existing literature; evaluating solutions against values uncovered in phase one; and bringing solutions back to the public for feedback.

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Phase One Wrap-up
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